About Us 

Who are we? 

We are people just like you. Where you have chosen for the entrepreneurship, for a job as an independent professional or a certain society based career, we have chosen for the legal profession. Still, first and foremost, we are normal people. That is always at the base of our activities, both within the workplace and outside of it. Characterised by a mutual respect.  


We constantly ask ourselves the question how we would like to be helped or approached ourselves, if we were an entrepreneur in need of (legal) support. 

In that regard we are, as a matter of fact, your sparring partner: 

  • proactive; 
  • thinking along with you;
  • keeping you up to date of developments, plausible possibilities and impossibilities; 
  • characterised by a corresponding informal covenant; 
  • legal documents or letters are drafted together with you; 
  • in accordance with a mutual respect.

As much as possible, we try to prevent problems and/or the occurrence of any damage while considering the costs, but still make the most of the opportunities.

HJF Advocaten B.V.


Voorburg Branch:

Westeinde 58D

2275 AB Voorburg, the Netherlands

Rotterdam Branch: 

Straatweg 26

3051 BE Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Correspondence address: 

Postbus 50

2270 AB Voorburg, the Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce & VAT

Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration no: 27277799

VAT no: NL814411745B02

Business partners

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