Pieter ten Hoopen

Of counsel 

‘Advocatus Est’ (He/she who has been called upon) 

An attorney is only called upon, if you have faith in him or her – that’s what all is about. 

People live in plurality, pasted onto a web of data, law and rules. Employee or entrepreneur, doctor or patient, father or son, man or woman, child or adult, individual or collective, director or shareholder, dead or alive, resident or refugee, taxpayer or tax inspector, driver or pedestrian, drunk or teetotaller, civilian or civil servant, et cetera. 

Countless roles which we play, many balls which we keep in the air.

Many opposing interests need to be reconciled, many conflicts need to be solved, a lot of strife and fight needs to be delivered, the weak need to be protected. 

He who gets called upon (usually the attorney), works to this with heart and soul, practical, solution-oriented, averse to self-congratulation and finery, always focused on the interest of the client. It was already like that in the Roman era, it is still like that today, and it will certainly stay like that in the future.  

HJF Advocaten, which law firm I was able to help establish more than 25 years ago, stands just for that! 

Latest news

The artificial constructions law (Wet Aanpak Schijnconstructies - WAS)

The artificial constructions law (WAS) has received a lot less publicity, but it is certainly no less relevant.

10 March 2016

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